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CPHR Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Requirement
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As a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR), you are required to maintain the currency of your CPHR designation through meeting the Continuing Professional Development Requirements.

In order to maintain your CPHR designation with us, CPHR holders are required to:
  • Continue to be a member in good standing
  • Keep all dues current
  • Meet the ongoing Continuing Professional Development Requirements and report on time
  • Adhere to the Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct

What Qualifies as CPD?

Refer to the Summary of Qualifying Activities to learn more about what qualifies for CPD and how to calculate the CPD hours.


Continuing Professional Development Reporting Form 

All CPD activity must be entered into the online tool following the How to Enter Qualifying CPD Activities Into the Online Tool instructions, and the final report printed and submitted to us after you have signed it. 

How To Enter Qualifying CPD Activities Into the Online Tool (PDF)

CPD Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)


IMPORTANT - What Is Required in the CPD Report

Please note that the each entry in the CPD report must include sufficient information to enable assessment of the activity against the qualifying criteria.  If information is missing, such as organization name, course name, or actual hours, the entry will not be assessed.

Incomplete submissions will not be able to be reviewed as the reviewers will not be able to assess the activities properly. Incomplete submissions will require re-submission and will not be considered received until the fully complete signed report is received.

Tips for entering your activities:

  • Every activity must be listed separately
  • Every activity must be accompanied by sufficient information to enable assessment against the item criteria
  • The specific number of hours must be included for each activity within the description field (i.e. 2 hours, 22 hour project, etc.)
  • Activities must take place within your CPD window
  • Do not use acronyms for companies, courses, institutions, etc.
  • Full activity requirements must be met. (i.e. partial points not given)
  • Items that cross over multiple years must be entered one year at a time (except projects as they are entered as one)


Report Submission Period

Please keep a copy of your signed CPD report for your records before submitting it. Do not submit supporting materials as only the information contained within the printed CPD report will be reviewed. You must retain your supporting materials in the event it is required at a later time.

If your CPHR Expiry Date is October 15, 2017, you must submit your fully completed and hand signed CPD report during the submission period of September 1, 2017 to October 2, 2017 (by 12:00pm). (You may include activities up to October 15 but your submission must be received by 12:00pm on October 2, 2017).

How to Submit

Enter your qualifying CPD activities into the online tool one at a time.  We suggest that you begin this process early and enter activities as you complete them.  Once done, follow the instructions to print the report, review it, make any edits and reprint, then complete signature area.

The originally signed report should be sent to our office for receipt before 12:00pm on October 2, 2017 or a late fee will apply (regardless of circumstance).  If mailing or sending via courier, you must send it by September 27 to ensure it reaches us on time.

A scanned fully legible hand signed copy of the original report via email PDF attachment is also sufficient however the member is responsible for any late fees should the email not be received by us on time due to technical issues).  

Reports received that are incomplete or not completed properly are not considered received until a correctly completed signed report is received.  Please refer to the instructions for entering CPD activities above.  It clearly outlines what to include in each field.  Pay particular attention to what you need to include in the description field and if your entry does not look like the sample provided on page 3 of the instructions, review the instructions again (i.e. 4a Learning: Hot Topics Employment Law Seminar, ABC Firm, one-day seminar covering current labour and employment topics.  6 hours learning time.)

Submission Late Fees

Received after 12:00pm on October 2, 2017 but by Friday, October 13, 2017: $100 plus HST late fee applies.

All submissions for CPD for individuals with a CPHR expiry date of October 15, 2017 must be received by 12:00pm on Friday, October 13, 2017.

To avoid paying late fees, ensure your complete submission for CPD is received by the submission deadline date and time. Incomplete submissions are not considered received until the complete information is received. To avoid incomplete submissions, ensure you use the Summary of Qualifying Activities Document to note the section and calculate the hours correctly for each item.


Additional Logistical Information 

Review Process:
Your submission will be assessed to determine if the activities meet the criteria.  You will be advised of the result if it is determined that some activities did not meet the criteria and 100 hours was not achieved as a result.  

Note: The March submissions are still in the review process.  Due to the quality of a number of the submissions, this process is taking longer than anticipated.

If you submit before the submission period opens, please note that the submission is not reviewed until the review meetings in conjunction with the submission period.

Status Inquiries:  Please note that staff do not assess the submissions and as such are not able to provide status updates.  Once submissions are processed and reviewed by the peer CPHR reviewers (at the end of the submission period), results are communicated to members.  

Confirmation of Receipt:  Submissions for CPD will receive an email confirming receipt within five (5) business days of us receiving the submission (once the submission period opens on September 1st)


Supporting Documentation: You must keep a copy of your receipts and supporting documentation for all activities for which you are claiming credit as part of your CPD for a period of five years after the activity date. This supplementary information will be required if your application is selected for an audit however should not be sent with your CPD submission.


To ensure the integrity and standard of professionalism reflected in the granting of the CPHR designation, we are required to audit CPD submissions. Selection of submissions for the purposes of auditing is made on a random basis.  You must keep your supporting materials and copy of your submitted log for a period of 18 months after your submission due date.


CPD - was referred to Recertification until 2014. 

In 2014, the Recertification process was renamed to Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  This name change was implemented to better reflect the requirement to continue development as part of the ongoing certification requirements.  

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