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Maintaining Your CPHR
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As a professional designation, there are requirements to maintaining it that must be followed by all those who wish to hold the CPHR.

It is the CPHR holder's responsibility that they remain current and complete all of the requirements to maintain the CPHR. There are three requirements that a CPHR must meet in order to maintain their designation:

  1. Advance and expand your professional knowledge and practice across the competency areas, throughout your career, by meeting the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements each year. 
  2. Adhere to CPHR Nova Scotia's  Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct
  3. Maintain membership with your provincial association. With CPHR Nova Scotia, the annual renewal is required by August 31st each year.



In order to be a CPHR, individuals must maintain your membership with us. Failure to renew membership each year will result in revocation of the CPHR designation. Late renewals are subject to late fees and reinstatement fees (and have a time limit). Renew on time to avoid those additional fees. This applies to both individuals who hold the CPHR designation and Candidates.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPHRs are required to report a minimum of 60 qualifying CPD hours on a three-year rolling calendar period basis, with a minimum of 10 hours per year. It is recommended that CPHRs aim for 25+ qualifying CPD hours each year to ensure they meet the overall 60 hour requirement as there are maximums in some categories. CPD hours are reported using our online CPD tool. The CPD report must be printed and submitted to us each year as outlined on the CPD page.


Leaves of Absence

CPHRs who are granted a leave of absence from their workplace (i.e.parental, maternity, disability) may be eligible for an adjustment to the CPD Hours required corresponding with the intended leave or up to one year (whichever is shorter).

CPD Proration due to leave must be applied for before the leave begins for planned leaves, or within 30 days of the start of the leave for unplanned leaves. Leaves will not be approved on a retroactive basis.  

Proration adjustments will not exceed the validated leave period (or one year). Requests are made at the start of the leave. At the end of the leave, confirmation is also be required to confirm the duration, and if different than at notification, the CPD hours may be readjusted. CPHRs must ensure that their online CPD entries are up to date before the start of their leave and are still required to submit CPD reports by the deadline each year.

To apply for CPD leave proration, click here. 


Moving or Mutual Recognition (hold CPHR in more than one location)

Professional designations are managed provincially in Canada. As such, when a CPHR moves, they must apply to have their CPHR recognized in their new province (membership is separate so they must also apply for membership with the new province concurrently). In some cases, individuals work in more than one province and want to use their CPHR in each province. In those cases, the individual should apply to have their CPHR mutually recognized in the additional province.

Moving to our jurisdiction? Apply for membership with us and also contact your current CPHR Canada member association to initiate the mutual recognition of your CPHR status. This is usually done through completing a form and fee that you complete with them. The current association then provides us with the information on your designation status. You must also apply for membership with us as membership is not transferrable between provinces as we are separate entities.


Keep Member Information Current

It is the CPHR holder's responsibility to ensure that their online member profile with us is always current and complete. Any fees or revocations related to late submissions or payments as a result of incorrect or outdated profile information will still be valid and the responsibility of the CPHR holder. Should your information (address, phone, email, employer, etc) change, please ensure that your profile is updated accordingly online.

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