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Select Your Member Type

Please review the information below carefully to ensure you select the correct category of membership for your application.  Most new members will join in the Associate category. 


Payment is required with the application and the application is not processed until that has been received.  Once your application is reviewed, you will receive an email from our office as each application is manually reviewed. 

If you are applying with any level of CPHR certification status, you must also have your current provincial association send us a confirmation of good standing form as that is required before your application can be processed.  Contact your current association (or visit their website) to obtain the form and submit to them following their process.  That association will send us the completed form directly.


Chartered Member*

Chartered membership is open to individuals who have met, and continue to meet, the requirements for certification.  Important Note:  Do not select this category if you do not already hold the CPHR designation in another province (and it is current).  If you do not already hold the CPHR, select another category.


Candidate Member*

Candidate membership is open to individuals who have completed the requirements to be a candidate (for the CPHR designation, and are still current in that status).  Note:  this option is only for applicants who already have current candidate status (with another province).  If you do not yet have this status, select the associate or student category (whichever applies, see descriptions below).


Associate Member*

Associate membership is open to individuals who have an interest in, or are working in, human resources but do not meet the requirements for the other categories of membership.  For new members, this is usually the category that will apply when first joining the association.


*Applicable for new grad discount. Click here for details. 


Student Member

Student membership is open to individuals registered full-time at a post secondary program of studies leading to a certificate or degree in Human Resources Management. Student members must submit an official Letter from the Registrar as proof of full-time registration for each year of membership.  Please forward a copy to our office when you submit your application as it is required before the application can be reviewed.



Note Re Paying by Credit Card:  When applying for membership and paying by credit card, you must know and enter the credit card billing address exactly as it appears on your credit card.  Otherwise, the transaction will be declined by your bank.  This is a security feature for your protection.


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