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Memberships are for CPHR Nova Scotia only.

Memberships are not transferrable and non-refundable, however, CPHR holders may apply to have their CPHR recognized in another province (separate from membership).  See CPHR Transfers for information. 

Important Note When Paying by Credit Card:  When applying for membership and paying by credit card, you must know the address of the credit card as it appears on the credit card statement or your bank will decline the transaction.  This is a security feature for your protection.


Membership Categories:

Chartered Member
Chartered membership is open to individuals who have met, and continue to meet, the requirements for certification (with CPHR Nova Scotia).  Chartered members have voting privileges and are eligible to serve in all Board and Committee positions.

Candidate Member
Candidate Membership is open to individuals who have completed (and maintain) the requirements to be a candidate (with CPHR Nova Scotia).  Candidate members have voting privileges, are eligible to serve on committees, however, are not eligible to service in Board positions.

Associate Member
Associate membership is open to individuals who have an interest in, or are working in, human resources but do not meet the requirements for other categories of membership.  Associate members do not have voting privileges and are not eligible to serve on the Board but are eligible to serve on some committees.

Student Member
Student membership is open to individuals registered full-time in a post-secondary program.  Student members do not have voting privileges and are not eligible to serve in Board positions but are eligible to serve on some committees.

Note January 2019:  These member categories changed with the recent bylaw update.  The Full category no longer exists.  Current Full or Associate members with CPHR will be moved to the Chartered Category. Current Full Members with no certification status, will move to Associate.  Candidates (previously full or associate with Candidate Status) will move to Candidate.  The student category remains the same.


Member Dues

Membership dues are based on the membership year of September 1 to August 31 each year. Dues are not prorated however the amounts do vary for the period when first apply for (or reactivate) membership (see below).

Chartered Member Dues $475 plus HST (also applies to current CPHR holders wanting their CPHR recognized in our Association **)

Candidate Member Dues $400 plus HST

Associate Member Dues $325 plus HST per membership year

Student Member Dues (applies to students in full-time studies only, see above) $50 plus HST


Renewal Dues Not Paid by Aug 31st

Payment of membership renewal is due by Aug 31st each year.  Payments received after Aug 31st will be subject to a $50 plus HST late fee and all access to member benefits cease until renewal is complete.

Members who do not renew within 60 days will be deemed to have not renewed. 

CPHR Holders and Candidates:  It is important to note that non-payment of dues by Aug 31st will impact the status of your CPHR (or Candidate status) as individuals with either status are required to keep all dues and fees current with the Association, which means paying dues by Aug 31st each year to remain in good standing.  It is important to note that should your CPHR  or candidate status be revoked for non-payment of dues, a CPHR status reactivation fee of $100 plus HST also applies, in addition to the late fee above.



Applications January 2, 2019 to May 2019 (covers dues to August 31, 2019)

Associate: $220 dues plus $50 application fee = $270 plus HST (for period ending Aug 31, 2019)

Chartered: $320 dues plus $50 application fee = $370 plus HST (for period ending Aug 31, 2019)

Candidates: $270 dues plus $50 application fee (for period ending Aug 31, 2019)

Student (full-time only): $50.00 dues plus HST (for period ending Aug 31, 2019)



Note: The next proration of dues for new member applications will be in June 2019 for applications from June 2019 to August 2019 .  Applications during this time will cover dues to the end of August 31, 2019 plus a full year of member dues for Sept 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020. Otherwise, individuals would join then immediately have to renew as our renewal period is open at that time.


** The CPHR must be current with another provincial Human Resources Association (that is a member of CPHR Canada) at time of receipt of Mutual Recognition Request (prospective members must request the Mutual Recognition Information be provided by their existing association directly).  (exceptions may apply to recognition)

If you hold the CPHR in another province that is a member of CPHR Canada, you must also initiate contact with that association to complete their Mutual Recognition Form which they then send to us with your certification information, in addition to applying for membership on this website.


Application Fee 

A membership application (or reactivation fee) of $50 plus tax applies at time of application/reactivation.  The application fee does not apply for student membership applications.


Chartered Professionals in Human Resources of Nova Scotia
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