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CPHR - CPD and Leave Approvals

Continuing Professional Development

CPHR holders who have a parental, disability, or medical leave, which may prevent them from completing CPD activities, may be eligible for an adjustment to the CPD Hours required corresponding with the intended leave (or up to one year) depending on length and type of leave.

Proration adjustments will not exceed the validated leave period. Activities completed during the leave period will not qualify for CPD as the proration would cover that time.

CPD reporting and submission due dates still apply. The CPD deadline is December 31 each year.

Requests are made before the leave starts. At the end of the leave, confirmation will also be required to confirm the duration, and if different than at notification, the CPD hours may be readjusted.


How to Apply

To apply for proration of CPD Hours due to an impending leave, the CPHR holder must submit the following before the start of a planned leave or within 30 days of the start of the leave for an unplanned leave:

  1. Complete and sign the fillable CPD Leave Form here advising of the impending leave, start date, and anticipated duration of the leave.
  2. Member to keep a copy of the above information, then submit to us before the leave begins.

Once reviewed, the member will be notified of the anticipated proration amount. This amount is subject to change if there is any change to the leave. 

At the end of the leave period, any member that was approved for an anticipated proration of CPD hours must submit the following within 14 business days of the return from leave, or the proration of the CPD hours will no longer be valid and full CPD requirements will remain.

  • Confirmation from their employer advising the start and end dates of the leave, as well as, the type of leave (ie parental, medical, etc).  The confirmation from the employer must be in the form of a signed letter on the company/organization letterhead. Example wording:  "This letter is to confirm that (member full name) was on (maternity, parental, etc) leave from (start date) to (end date). "  A reference to the designation or CPD is not required in the letter.




CPHR Canada requires that persons holding the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHRTM) designation must maintain their provincial association membership in good standing. CPHR Nova Scotia members whose membership renewals come due while they are on parental or disability leave or unemployed (for a minimum of six months) from their workplace are entitled to apply and receive suspended membership dues. Requests for suspended membership dues must be accompanied by written confirmation from the employer of the type and term of leave granted. In the case of self-employed members, confirmation from a physician is required. In the case of unemployed, we will accept a variety of forms of confirmation including but not limited to: a screen capture of EI, an ROE, an email or phone call from your former workplace.  

Suspended membership status relieves members from paying dues for a maximum one membership year. Members are still entitled to member benefits while their membership is suspended and they are considered to remain in good standing for the purposes of maintaining their CPHR designation.

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